Challenging perceptions

An integrated campaign featuring newspaper ads, online and direct mail for the LS430 challenged perceptions by asking people which car they thought was "the finest luxury sedan in America?”

To challenge consumers even further, all of the ads ran without a logo to let people know who was the advertiser. They’d have to read to find out. And while Lexus wasn't usually the first choice in consumer's minds, the facts from independent research firm AMCI after a 193-test study spoke differently.

Communication Arts, One Show, D&AD, Cannes, Effies, Los Angeles Beldings and the Andys all came to the same conclusion.

Welcome to a new world of luxury

The challenge for Lexus was to launch the new ES300 as an entry-level luxury sedan that, truth be told, was essentially a re-badged Toyota Camry.

The president of Toyota and Lexus called the "Welcome to a new world of luxury" campaign the most successful campaign in the history of both divisions of the corporation.


Face-to-face with the unexpected

To play up the responsiveness of the Lexus GS, this commercial demonstrates the car's handling and performance when faced with the unexpected.