Shooting up a signal flare

For Infiniti's Limited Engagement, we created an animated world around existing car footage for the carmaker’s summer sales event that was incorporated into television commercials, newspaper ads, in-store materials, direct marketing, online banners, chalk drawings, ride-and-drive road show, and signed and numbered limited-edition lithographs for the dealers.

The approach (which we executed differently for both summer and winter retail events) helped Infiniti exceed sales goals for four events in a row and won its share of accolades. The work picked up a silver One Show pencil, rose to #4 on, was chosen as Creativity's Best Poster of the Year and Adweek's Best of the Month, while being featured at the Cooper-Hewitt National Museum of Design.

Taking the high road with radio

Radio is a very efficient medium for regional automotive accounts. But standing out can be a challenge. As is pleasing all of the different clients. So we created a year-long campaign with dozens of executions customized with different roads within all of the different parts of the country. Liev Schreiber helped tell our story.