Refueling a brand

In working with BMW, we recognized the carmaker wasn't getting the credit it deserved from consumers regarding fuel efficiency – a significant obstacle to sales in a down economy. At the same time, its image as "the ultimate driving machine" was beginning to wane.

To combat this misperception and help broaded consideration, we leveraged the launch of the new 5 Series to demonstrate that fuel efficiency and driving performance can indeed coexist.

The result was that 5 Series sales increased 84% year-over-year and 15% over pre- launch month. But most importantly, BMW finished number one in luxury car sales for the first time ever.

Olympic partnership

As a proud sponsor of the 2012 Olympics games, BMW wanted to create a series of dealership posters and wallscapes to celebrate performance using the colors of the Olympic rings.






Media rich online banners

These simple banners for BMW demonstrated individual features by either expanding to make their point or allowing users to interact with them.


Classic print ads

In the spirit of providing proof to why BMW is “the ultimate driving machine”, these print ads used both no words and hundreds of them. Among others, they won awards in Communication Arts, One Show and New York Art Directors.