It’s not just the movies, it’s the Oscars

Spike Lee shot more than 225 people on the street in two days and Albert Watson photographed the Oscar statue. Each of the 50 outdoor executions displayed typography from the original movie posters. And when possible, we used media placement to amplify the message such as featuring a quote from “Sunset Boulevard” on a billboard on Sunset Boulevard.

Our theme was also incorporated into the Academy Awards show itself. Some of the other elements of the campaign included interactive movie quote kiosks, Netflix partnership, and a special party with writers from past Oscar-winning films.

Not only were the Academy Awards the only major award show to increase ratings that year, the campaign was one of Adweek’s Best of the Month. There was plenty of buzz, too. It was featured on Good Morning America, Entertainment Tonight, Access Hollywood, Extra, New York Times, People Magazine, Oprah, Reelz Channel and the BBC, as well as being mimicked by thousands and thousands of movie lovers online.